Symbolic Wedding Ceremony

You want your ceremony to be a perfectly magical moment on your wedding day. Physalis can make all your dreams happen, 100% to your liking! 


It is intended for couples who do not wish to have a religious ceremony but who still wsih to have a ceremony. This is recommended for foreigners who wish to have their wedding in France. Getting legally married in France requires proof residency for a certain amount of months and various other official paperwork. For destination weddings, we recommend couples get legally married in their home country and then come here to celebrate with a symbolic or religious ceremony. Here at Physalis, we will help you through every step along the way to ensure smooth sailing.

Your wedding is about creating a breathtaking moment to exchange promises in front of your family and loved ones. We would love to help create to ultimate awe-inspiring setting for the occasion!

If you only had to remember one thing, it is that your ceremony tells your love story! We will help make your wedding the perfect realization of your story, from how you met to your first date to how to you ended up getting married in one of the most romantic places in the world.

We can help you choose what to include in the ceremony – words from your loved ones (songs, poems, speeches ...), music, specific poems or excerpts you feel best describe your love. Our goal is to make your wedding day feel as you as possible!


Our service includes:

  • Our advice on the conduct of your custom ceremony

  • Logistics and coordination of selected providers (venue, musicians, etc.)

  • Installation of chairs and decoration

  • Presence on the day

  • The performance of the Ceremonial Officiant

  • Preparation appointments

  • Writing your ceremony

  • Help in choosing texts and music

  • Coordination of the interventions of the relatives (speeches, poems etc ...)


Starting at € 2,650

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