About Us

About Us

Our Style

We are a Paris-based luxury wedding planning agency and at Physalis, we believe every bride deserves a high-end and 100% customized wedding.

Every wedding is unique. It is a day that should encompass everything you’ve ever wanted; a day in which you create your love story. It is a day that belongs to you and your beloved, where you are surrounded by happiness and excitement amongst your friends and loved ones. It is a rare and precious day, filled with emotions and dreams come true - it must be perfect.

At Physalis, we pay great attention to quality, authenticity, elegance and refinement. Every detail of your wedding is important: the colors, the decorations, the flowers… Replica Watches  No detail is too small. Together, we will make your visions come to life. We strive for the excellence you deserve on your wedding day.

We’ve had the chance of organizing many weddings over the past decade, for international clients and for couples of different cultures alike. We love the worthwhile endeavor of planning a wedding that requires a combination of traditions, specificities, and nationalities. Your wedding should encompass who you are as a couple and we will take on the adventure of including everything it takes to make your day special.

In a constant search for original and creative ideas, our goal is to offer you and your guests the rare emotions that will forever remain in their memories. Simply put, we strive to give you the captivating moments that will make your wedding day your favorite story to tell. Our one and only concern is creating a wedding that will satisfy all your expectations at the height of your desires and requirements.

Our Approach

A wedding tells a story – it tells your story. During our first meeting together, we like to remind you that this is a team effort between you and us. Together, we are writing a wedding that embodies you and your beloved as a couple. We try to offer you the best options for what suits you specifically. You always have the final say. This is your day and we are here to make it happen.

Our different services adapt to your different needs: from the search for vendors and providers, through the day-of coordination to the various A-Z tasks that need to be done for your wedding day. Whatever your choice, we promise to give you a personalized service filled with quality.

We are at your side during the planning process and offer you personalized support. During the day-of celebrations, we stay in the shadows making sure everything goes according to plan and that your day turns out perfect.

Our Know-How

Since 2008, we have organized over 100 weddings and high-end events, guaranteeing high quality services.

Thanks to all our years of experience, we have developed a network of reliable and skilled service providers who make all the difference. We bring together photographers, caterers, videographers, florists, children's entertainment, artists and decorators. We have partners for every moment that share our same values ​​and our same passion for this profession.

Because each wedding is different, our agency combines different talents and know-how. We will put our varied talents, our international culture, our rigorous organization and our creative ideas at your disposal for your utmost satisfaction.

At Physalis, everything is designed so that you do not have to think about anything, nothing but yourself and what you want. We take care of everything. All you have to do is say ... YES!

Our Guarantees

  • A professional team

    A professional team

    Since 2008, we have organized over 100 weddings and high-end events, guaranteeing high quality services. We make sure that all our events are 100% tailor-made to your expectations and we have developed a network of reliable and quality providers.
  • Teamwork between you and us

    Teamwork between you and us

    We help you imagine the perfect wedding that embodies you as a couple, and we work together to make it happen!
  • Original ideas

    Original ideas

    We become your source of inspiration and offer unique and creative ideas adapted to all your desires.
  • Save time and energy

    Save time and energy

    We take care of everything ! Let us take the stress off your shoulders. All you just have to do is say... YES
  • A mastered budget

    A mastered budget

    Fixed agency fees, fair traded benefits and rigorous budget management - We'll discuss it together, so you don't have any surprises.


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  • https://www.physalisweddings.fr/admin/uploads/temoignages/Ghita and Radovan, Red and White French-Czech Wedding, 50 guests

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  • https://www.physalisweddings.fr/admin/uploads/temoignages/Yasmine and Méziane, Chic and Romantic Candlelit Winter Wedding, 150 guests

    Hello Caroline, We keep such an excellent memory of our wedding that is the least we could say in reference to the incredible work you have done for us. It's been almost 3 years since we were married (wow already, it's happening so fast!) And you have stayed with us so much that every time we think of organizing something, we very strongly think about you. You show exemplary professionalism. Indeed, we are perfectly aware of the heaviness, the hassle, the logistics and the whims of a wedding ... but we did not feel any of it at all! Everything seemed simple and fluid thanks to you. You have been wonderful (like a good friend should). We...... Read More

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    We got married this summer with the support of Physalis. At the end of our partnership with Physalis: a real happiness! We were more than convinced by their service, everything was there. We enjoyed this beautiful day with serenity and without worrying about anything. Before the wedding, a grip at the top, serious, with wise and judicious advice, and even many details that we would not have thought without them! With top of the line planning for the day of, the necessary means were implemented, and the smile on the lips of all the girls of Physalis: a real happiness. All the little details and the unexpected were managed without us...... Read More

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    I do not think that Olivier and I had the opportunity to thank you for your extraordinary work on wedding day. It was just perfect. Every time I am asked how my wedding went, I immediately respond: "It could not have been better". And that's largely thanks to you, Caroline, and your team. So, a big thank you from the bottom of my heart, you were at the top of the best and you made our wedding an absolutely unforgettable moment. See you soon, and good luck to you!... Read More

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    As we emerge to Painemais, my wife and I, we wanted, without waiting too much, to thank you for the beautiful and good organization of our day. For your kindness and the calm that you showed during the last months, (despite the requirements of some) as well as the two days of the wedding. With hindsight, we can say that you and your team have been valuable to us. See you soon, keep your good mood and your smiles (they disarm all nerves) We kiss you all three of you.... Read More

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    I sincerely wanted to thank you for everything! Really, it was a magic moment. Every second passed was a pure shot of happiness. The decor was fabulous, the organization was impeccable, everything was just perfect! I only had compliments on your team! At one point during dinner, I put my hand on Raphael and I told him: "look where we are, everything around us "... we were just happy and serene. If I had dreamt one day to marry a prince and be a fairy, then I could not have dreamt better than this wonderful day! Thank you also for your kindness, your patience and your self-control! We are on a small cloud that we do not want to come off of. I...... Read More

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    I approached Physalis events because I knew that the only I way I could have the wedding of my dreams was to have an events planning company local to Paris who had not only planned weddings but was confident and organized enough to handle a BIG wedding. When my Husband mentioned his friend from University was a wedding planner from Paris, I knew that I had found the winner: experience, familiar with the city, spoke the language, American background and most importantly someone who knew my Husband well enough to convince him that everything I wanted was reasonable! LOL! Physalis events helped me by setting up meetings with venues,...... Read More